The Lady in Blue and Green

Written by Tanya Singh

For 200 years weve been conquering nature. Now we’re beating it to death.” – Tom McMillan


She runs fingers through her luscious hair,

Ranging from black and ebony, and aging to grey,

Her smile was a thousand freckles of stars,

Twirling in a sundress in the vast galaxies,


As she takes a moment to breathe again,

And we ravenously strip her of her branches,

Hurriedly uproot her soul to steady our factories,

She takes all her moments to sigh again,


The smoke between her lips smelled of the

Rupture in the planetary mass that allowed

The magma chamber to elude volcanic ash,

Over the crushing loud noises, we couldn’t even hear

her painful cry, begging us to stop the demolition,


She liked braiding her hair into a fishtail but we

Shaved her head full of vines, orchards, and valleys,

While silently she prayed that our streams were full of

water to quench our thirst as we rob her of hers,


And her flowers that died to be fruits in your plate

will still satisfy your insatiable hunger,

And when you strangle her life to leave in ruins,

Her corpse will still shade you in the torrid heat,


And you will have beat her and raped her,

The earth will still have loved you no less,


The man will have justified the extermination

For his benefits and she will love him enough

To nod along her execution as his celebration,


And we make her tired grave our luxurious home,

She doesn’t echo a word, letting only her love pass,


We had always searched for unconditional love,

The earth had showed us by her example.


And when you devour her again,

We shall know this wasn’t the heaven

She preached of so lovingly,


The lady in blue and green leaves,

We had once killed, mercilessly,

And this playground will be a prison.



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